T H E   D E L T A   F O U N D A T I O N

Since 1975

The Delta Foundation for research and restoration of life
for those who have sustained a brain injury... and their families.

Since 1975, it has been the mission of the Delta Foundation for Rehabilitation and Research to identify those needs of people with acquired disability from traumatic brain injury that are not met by present social, medical and government programs and to develop and implement strategies for responding to those needs with the goal of providing the missing elements necessary to better assure the individual's ability to make the full transition from coma to community.

Our reach extends to the those individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injury and are medically and or categorically indigent.

Present medical research has indicated that the brain, when damaged or injured by trauma, can to some degree repair itself if the environment around the individual is enriched with normal living opportunities. If the individual is to return to any degree of normal living, they must have the fullest opportunity to participate in such activities, thereby stimulating and exercising the skills and abilities necessary to return to and/or maintain their functional effectiveness in the community. The term for this is Cognitive Rehabilitation and it is Delta's Mission to maximize the occurrence of Cognitive Rehabilitation however, wherever, and for whomever our resources permit us to endeavor.

On the national front

... the Delta Foundation has made some small steps in helping collect and disseminate information on traumatic brain injury by designing and helping to maintain web sites for the Brain Injury Association of America, the National Association of  Head Injury Administrators, and more than a dozen other TBI related web sites.

We also work behind the scene in less public ways. We work in governmental advocacy, in the implementation of useful technologies for TBI related organizations and, often, we simply work one-to-one with someone in need of the kind of comfort that can only come from someone who's "been there".


Traumatic brain injuries may never be entirely preventable but the agony endured by families, the confusion in the medical and governmental agencies, and the needless suffering by those who have sustained a brain injury are all things about which we CAN do something.

That's why were here. 

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Admissions Coordinator,
Delta Rehabilitation Center Snohomish Chalet
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Snohomish, WA 98290
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