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Special Announcement:

It is with great sadness that we are having to close the doors to Delta this year. Diminished family health and dwindling funding issues compel us to this very hard decision.

Plans are being formulated to find new homes for all of our beloved residents and it is our desire that they have a choice in where they go.

It goes without saying that we are heartbroken to have to say goodbye to our residents, our faithful staff and the all of the amazing memories, laughs, good times and, yes, heartache that these past decades have brought to us.

In the coming week and beyond, we will be posting more details and timelines regarding the closure.

We ask for your patience and your good thoughts during the transition and will be forever grateful for all who have helped make Delta "One Of A Kind"

-The Walsh Family

Wally Walsh


Our true founder, Wallace (Wally) Walsh



to everyone who ever helped make Summerfest a hit!

 Safety First, Last,
 and Always!

Over the years, its been our pleasure to help make sure the children in our community are safe while at play and to help prevent traumatic brain injury in any way we can. So far, we have distributed more than 3000 helmets and helped ensure a proper fit.

One of our volunteers placing a helmet on a happy youngster
Volunteer Bob Lambert
 lends a hand and a smile

Delta is a long term care facility.

The main building in early eveningThe Delta Rehabilitation Center, also known locally as the Snohomish Chalet, is home to about 150 people who struggle every day to overcome the devastation caused by severe brain injury. The motto at the Chalet is "Living Life!" and the mission of every staff member is to help the residents live life to the fullest.  What are the ingredients to life? Laughter, Song, Celebrations, Animals, Festivals, Humor, Education, Sharing, Friendship, Health, Camping, The Stars, Art, Games, Grief, Hope, Food, Accomplishment, Love, and More.

When walking the halls of the Chalet, it's surprising how many times the eye catches a smile, the ear catches laughter.  The Chalet is a very special place with a 1000 stories of hope and hilarity and, yes, some heartache. Just like life.  Residents here at Delta enjoy camping, movies, Mariner games, fairs, festivals, motorbike displays, the Hard Knocks Cafe for dining and movies, live music, auctions and more. Delta is set in a country atmosphere on 22 acres complete with lamas and very special outer space club with it's own observatory. As time passes, we will be telling you some more of those stories and we hope you'll come back and visit us again.  We'll also be collecting and providing some special resources of particular use to those already hard at work in the TBI field.  

Points to Consider...

  • We have a larger than normal activity staff.
  • A natural, 22 acre setting, including Camp Careless with mini cabins, shower facilities and a campfire so families can spend time with their loved one away from the facility.
  • The town of Snohomish is a very supporting community. Volunteers take residents who are interested to churches in the community and local individuals and business leaders take an active role in bringing life to the Delta residents.
  • You can be on social services in WA and not have to pay extra for Delta.
  • The fact that everyone wears their own clothes and can choose how they want to wear their hair. This is not the norm for many facilities.
  • Included in our population are folks with MS and other disabilities.
  • The median age of our population is young and vital.
  • We are close to Seattle and the excellent medical services of the University of Washington.
Who is Delta?

Above all else, we are a family; A father and mother and three sons and an extended family of cousins and nephews living near and far.

We are also part of the 250 member family comprised of the staff and residents of the Delta Rehabilitation Center in Snohomish, Washington. Together with them, we are members in the 5.5 million member family of United States citizens whose lives have been directly affected by traumatic brain injury.

The Delta Foundation

The Delta Foundation - is a charitable 501-3C foundation that was started to help those families understand and cope with the devastation caused by TBI - America's "Hidden Illness" and to enhance life for the residents at the Chalet. Learn more and how you can help!

Thanks for coming by.

-The Walsh Family

Delta Rehabilitation Center
Snohomish Chalet
1705 Terrace Avenue
Snohomish, WA 98290
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E-mail: delta@deltarehabsno.com

Admissions Coordinator,
Delta Rehabilitation Center Snohomish Chalet
1705 Terrace Avenue
Snohomish, WA 98290
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 E-mail: delta@deltarehabsno.com

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