Why Volunteer?

Most people simply want to help, to do something important, and/or to assist others in need. Many who are aware of the terrible suffering going on in the world today feel they simply must do something to help.

Giving is the reason why people volunteer. Their contributions to others and their community bring them fulfillment and know- ledge that they have made a difference.

When you volunteer, you give part of yourself - your time, energy, skills and feelings. You give to your family and friends, to your neighbors, to your community. Sometimes you are giving to people you donít know, to people thousands of miles away.

Volunteering is a two way street - you give some of your time and energy and you should be getting something in return. Whatever your reasons for volunteering, you are more than likely to enjoy yourself if you know what you want to get out of it. By volunteering you get involved in a cause or issue that concerns you, you meet new people and have some fun, you share your interest and hobbies with others, you become a part of something that really makes a difference, you contribute to your community, you feel a sense of accomplishment, you learn new skills, you help those in need of comfort and you create meaningful memories.

Everyone has skills to offer even though you may not realize it at first. As a new volunteer some of the important things you can give are your enthusiasm, a regular commitment of time and energy and your desire to get involved and make a difference.

Volunteering at the Snohomish Chalet

Services needed by Individuals:

  • Be a friend by visiting
  • Read to someone who canít talk
  • Tutor someone needing reading practice
  • Play the piano, other instrument or sing
  • Entertainment (Plays, Skits, Dance, etc.)
  • Lead a sing-a-long
  • Help with library services
  • Bring a pet to visit
  • Assist with Arts and Crafts
  • Help with evening activities (Bingo, games and crafts)
  • Give manicures
  • Help with ceramics (Clean green ware)
  • Help with outings
  • Assist with Church services
  • Present travelogues
  • Share your interest

These are just a few suggestions. We are eager to know what you are enthusiastic about and the talents you have, the possibilities are endless.

Services needed by Groups:

  • Provide entertainment: singing, music, slides, or videos, band, dance, or music recital, magic show, puppet show, animals, etc.
  • Sing carols during the holidays
  • Make homemade cookies for special occasions
  • Make cards - Birthdays, Valentines, Christmas
  • Make Posters
  • Make Tray Favors
  • Help with special projects i.e. Pumpkin Carving
  • Decorate an individualís room
  • Decorate entire building for a holiday
  • Churches can join our rotation to give services on Sunday afternoon
  • Sponsor a Birthday Party or help with one
  • Help with cleanup of Camp Careless in June
  • Help with football scrimmage, motorcycle demos, basketball demos

Services done away from Delta:

  • Making tray favors or place mats for holiday meals
  • Send cards to individual residents
  • Sewing projects (We provide supplies)
  • Gather or make prizes for festival
  • Afghans for beds and lap robes for wheelchairs
  • Scrapbooks for people to look at
  • Homemade cookies for special events
  • Make seasonal decorations, ornaments
  • Make posters and other decorations to brighten walls
  • Donations of baskets, crafts materials, etc.

Special Events:

Each year there are three extra special events held at Delta. These events are possible because of the volunteers of families, friends, organizations, community leaders and community people. They include the Summer Festival, Camp Careless and Christmas.

The Summer Festival (just like a country fair) is held the first Saturday in August and is free to all who attend.

Camp Careless is located on the property and is in operation through the summer months. Every resident at Delta gets an opportunity to go camping.

The Christmas Party is the second Sunday in December and is special time for everyone.

Since these activities are so special there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer as most of it depends on volunteers.

There are so many good ideas for volunteering, we hope you will share your skills with us. Our goal is to make available to the people who live at the Chalet activities that encourage living life as fully as possible.

Volunteer Today!

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Address: 1705 Terrace Avenue   Snohomish, WA 9829

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Delta Rehabilitation Center Snohomish Chalet
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Snohomish, WA 98290
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